Homeport - Nashville, Tennessee

I am engaging, organized and work well under pressure and deadlines. The safety of crew and craft are and remain the highest priority. I am able to put things in priority order. I'm ambitious, inventive and enthusiastic. A self-motivated individual, with logical and analytical characteristics. I am also a non-smoker and a non-drinker.
I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in Marketing.
My water experience has been the Mexican Gulf, Inland rivers, Carribean waters, ICW, Atlantic - East coast, Baltic Sea, North Sea and Mediterranean Sea

  Homeport - Redondo Beach, California
100 ton, near coastal, inland and Great Lakes

    Uniquely seasoned on both coasts, inland rivers, canals and the Great Lakes, I have been licensed for more than 30 years and on boats since I was born. Completely fit and 57, I have experience on wooden, glass, steel and aluminum boats of all kinds, from yachts to tugs to commercial tour boats. I've handled lengths up to about 250 feet in some pretty narrow waterways and as little as 50 feet on some pretty open oceans. I hold an impeccable safety record, am prideful of wise decisions and will sacrifice time for judicious caution, but I do understand time frames and am tireless in achieving them with all consideration.
Challenges and the unexpected are always met with calm competence.
 I look forward to helping with deliveries, training
 and setup, with all the patience and dedication you
 may hope for.
 Please request me and we can share more information.
Captain Tom Beardsley


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